How to Clean a Nectar Collector

If you are into smoking dabs, you probably know that a nectar collector is considered among the best equipment for smoking. But just like any equipment, your nectar collector also needs maintenance. The reason why today we’ll be sharing with you is how to clean a nectar collector.

Nectar collector tends to be a favorite tool for concentrate lovers out there. Some even see it as a means to becoming a ‘hummingbird for dabs.’ Due to its smaller and compact size, which allows a lot of flavor out of your dabs, these tools have become quite popular.

If you are new to nectar collectors, you may feel a little overwhelmed with the cleaning process, but there’s no need to panic. Cleaning your nectar collector is simple and easy. However, a few key steps are required. Take pen and paper and learn how to clean a nectar collector below.


What is a nectar collector?

A nectar collector is a smoking gadget intended to consume oil and wax concentrate. Nectar collectors are one of the most efficient dabbing tools for enjoying every last vapor of your concentrates.
These vertical and small-sized dab rings present a tube-like design that is easy to carry around and disassemble when needed.

What are the parts of a nectar collector?

Mouthpiece. A glass or silicone straw-like mouthpiece with a flared top. It can be used as a straw to sip on dab vapor.

Tip. It can be made of titanium, quartz, or ceramic, a nectar collector’s tip directly applied to the concentrate once it’s been heated.

Concentrate container. A food-grade glass or silicone dish is used to contain the dab.

Water chamber. A percolator within the design of the body that uses water to filter the dab vapor.

Do nectar collectors get dirty?

Unfortunately, they do! Sticky wax can build up within your straw and create a clog, causing unnecessary waste of THC.
If not cleaned properly, it can become susceptible to mold, spores, and bacteria growth.

How often should a nectar collector be cleaned?

Honey collectors are small and come with multiple parts. These factors can make cleaning this instrument for the first time a bit challenging.
However, you need to maintain a clean nectar collector for high-quality dabs. It would be best to keep it clean to get the best and cut down on future cleaning time.

How often to clean a honey straw is dependent on how often you use it. Daily smokers might want to do a quick pipe cleaning once a week. You can save a more thorough cleaning once a month.

If you are more of a moderate user, cleaning is recommended every three months. What you certainly don’t want to do is wait a full six months to clean it.

Is there a right way to how to clean a nectar collector?

The recommended way to clean your nectar collector is to utilize a solution containing Isopropyl alcohol and salt. All you need to do is place each separate piece of your portable rig into a bag or container with the solution and let them soak for at least 30-60 minutes. Then rinse them off.

How to clean a nectar collector

Tools you’ll need:

  • Coarse salt
  • Water
  • 91% or higher isopropyl alcohol
  • Plastic containers or bags
  • Pipe cleaner
  • Q-tips
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Paper towels


Disassemble all the parts of the Nectar Collector

Of course, your nectar collector needs to be taken apart to do a good cleaning job. This first step helps you get the real notion of how dirty it has been and keep the pieces separate so these won’t slam into each other and break.
Take apart the mouthpiece, tip, and body of the nectar collector. Start by taking off the tip first, and blow into the mouthpiece to remove the water inside.

Prepare your cleaning solution.

Please fill up your container with the Isopropyl Alcohol and add salt to it and mix well. Add a ratio of 2:1 alcohol to salt.
Try to pour in the solution you have just prepared into the pieces’ holes so everything gets coated well. This will help to loosen up some of that caked in resin.

Let it work its magic.

Allow your nectar collector to soak; let it sit undisturbed for an hour. If you can leave it that way overnight, it will be even better. The longer it sits, the cleaner and newer it looks.

Wash it under running water

Proceed to clean off your nectar collector using room temperature water. Sharp temperature changes can cause fractures in your Nectar Collector, so make sure you only use room temperature water.

Scrub to get to difficult spots

With some Q-tips and Pipe Cleaners, you can reach the difficult places and clean them thoroughly but make sure you use them very gently. While scrubbing, you may also need to soak it into the resin at times. It is the best way to attain precision in cleaning.

Rinse with water and let it dry

Make sure you rinse out every soaked piece of your nectar collector under running water for a few minutes, ensuring no leftover dirt particles or Isopropyl Alcohol. It is dangerous to inhale Isopropyl Alcohol fumes. Now, completely dry them off with some paper towels.

Restore your nectar collector to its original form

Just as you dissembled every single piece, now that everything is fresh and clean, it’s time to put every piece together.

How to clean your nectar collector nail

Also known as the dab nail, you need to keep in mind the material it’s made of when cleaning it.
With a tip made of titanium, your cleaning options are limited because cleaning solutions break down the outer coating that protects the titanium tip. As a result, you are forcing yourself to use cleaning ways that are more natural or burn them clean.
If your nectar collector has ceramic or quartz tips, then cleaning solutions work perfectly.

Tips for cleaning a nectar collector

Do not rush the process

Since you’ve decided to go ahead and do the dirty job, they might as well do a good one. If you do things the right way, you will most likely not have to worry about it for a long time. While it is recommended to clean your pieces every 3-6 months, a cleaning can last you much longer if you use it sporadically.

Avoid a disaster by separating your pieces.

Separating all separate pieces is the best way to prevent chips, cracks, and broken pieces.

Salt and Isopropyl alcohol should be your only cleaning solution.

This solution is not only affordable, but it is also the most effective. It gets the job done.


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