How to Get Highlighter Out Of Clothes

How to Get Highlighter Out Of Clothes?

Struggling to get rid of the highlighter out of your favorite t-shirt? Relax, we’ve all been there. Don’t let a highlighter ruin your day, and instead, learn how to get a highlighter out of clothes the right way as we’ll be sharing with you everything you need to know on the subject.

Knowing how to get a highlighter out of clothes may not sound like a life-saving skill. However, you’ll be prepared for when the time comes, and knowing what to do will save you a major headache.

It would help if you kept in mind that if you or your kid, for whatever reason, ended up with a highlighter stain on your clothing, the potential of causing permanent damage is possible. But if you follow a few methods and steps, you may witness a bit of a miracle. Keep reading and check out different ways how to get the highlighter out of clothes.

How to Get Highlighter Out of Clothes

Method 1: Rubbing Alcohol

Chances are you already have Rubbing Alcohol at home; it is a well-known cleaning product. Though it is also known to revive ink, rubbing alcohol can work really well in removing stains from your clothes. Follow the next steps:

  1. Place a clean paper towel on the table.
  2. Then position the stained area against the dry paper towel by turning it inside out to absorb excess ink.
  3. Take a cotton ball and gently press over the stain to blot extra liquid.
  4. Pour a generous amount of rubbing alcohol into a small bowl.
  5. Soak the sponge in the alcohol and dab around the stained area; you’ll notice that the alcohol is spreading in round ways.
  6. Soak the sponge into the rubbing alcohol again.
  7. Then directly dab over the highlighter stain. By doing this, you will transfer the ink into the paper towel underneath and the sponge or rag you are using.
  8. If the paper towel gets soaked, then replace the fabric in the clean area or change it.
  9. Once the stain is gone, use warm water to wash your cloth with laundry detergent.
  10. Allow your clothing to air-dry.

Method 2: Stain Remover

Supposed you are out of rubbing alcohol, but you have stain remover. This is a quick solution that can bring about great results. Follow a few simple steps:

  1. Pour a little amount of your choice of stain remover on the highlighter mark.
  2. Make sure that the fabric is not wet.
  3. Take a brush and rub thoroughly over the stain.
  4. In a circular motion, keep brushing until the stain vanishes.
  5. At this point, you can pour more remover on the stain if needed
  6. Wash the cloth with liquid detergent and use warm water.
  7. Allow your peace of clothing to air-dry

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Common Questions About How to Get Highlighter Out Of Clothes

Can highlighter be wash out of clothes?

Unfortunately, highlighter ink on your cloth will not simply be washed out. You need to remove it first and then wash the fabric as you would normally. If you wash it first, you may have a clean garment, but not one without the highlighter mark.

Will highlighter marks ruin your clothes?

Be aware that all highlighter pens are not created equal, so these do not hold the same ink, and there are also different types of fabrics out there. So, the reaction with the fabric will be different.
The ink can be water-based, alcohol-based, gel-based, permanent, or non-permanent. You may not get rid of all types of ink from all types of fabrics, but you sure can try.

Can rubbing alcohol bleach clothes?

Rubbing alcohol is considered to work as a mild bleach. It’s a powerful cleaning agent but does not act so powerful as usual bleaches that cause discoloration.
It is always a good idea to do a spot test before using rubbing alcohol on any cloth, pour a little amount on a cotton ball, and test it first.

Can lemon juice remove highlighter stains on fabrics?

You may not know this, but natural methods can help you get rid of highlighter stains on your clothes.
Lemon juice is effective because it acts as a natural bleach. However, it doesn’t work on all fabrics, only on the white color ones.

Tips about How to Get Highlighter Out Of Clothes

  • When using rubbing alcohol, it is important to dab around the area and not over the stain at first. It’ll help you not to spread the ink in other areas when alcohol is applied directly to the stain.
  • Keep in mind that fresh stains take less time to get out of the clothes than old stains. So, clean the stain as soon as possible.
  • Check your clothes’ care label before trying any stain removal methods.
  • Don’t forget to use warm water while cleaning as it’ll help you clean the garments properly and get rid of the stain marks.
  • Some remover needs to be diluted into the water before using. And some needs to be used on wet fabric or directly on the dry fabric.
  • When using a stain remover, make sure to read the label first, as it will say how to use it and other instructions. Some need to stay on the fabric for some time or others need to wash away immediately.

Things to Avoid When Getting Highlighter Out Of Clothes

  • When dealing with a highlighter stain, it is not recommended to use bar soap. It’ll make the stain go deeper into the fabric and set, which will make it almost impossible for you to remove.
  • You shouldn’t also use hot water instead of warm water as it also damages some types of fabrics.
  • Rubbing alcohol should not be applied to silk or wool-type fabric. It will damage the cloth, whether by eating the fabric or by discoloring it forever.

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